CT Urogram

CT Urogram is conducted for the assessment of the kidneys, ureters, and the bladder. It is often prescribed to check for blockages caused by kidney stones, congenital anomalies, and urinary tract cancers.

What preparation is required?

● No consumption of solid food 4 hours prior to the test● No restriction on water intake
● Plain water is administered 1-2 hours prior to the scan
What should I expect during the scan?
● Any metal infringements in the scanning area need to be removed
● After conducting a sensitivity test, a technologist will administer the iodinated contrast via an IV injection
● You will be asked to place your hands above your head and a compression belt will be placed around your waist. During the scan, pressure is applied for a short while.
● You will be required to hold your breath for 10-20 seconds while the images are captured
● The test usually lasts 15 minutes
● Following the exam, your cannula will be removed and a standard X-ray is taken
● The report gets despatched within 12-24 hours

Is there anything else I should know?
You are requested to bring a copy of the medical history of the patient, including recent lab work reports and any previous imaging scans that may have been prescribed by your doctor.